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The Garceau family moved to Porthcothan from France in the early twentieth century. Gilbert Garceau lived at Trebears. He was a farmer and painter. He wrote a book about Porthcothan.


This the constitution for St Eval Archive.

Eleanor Binny

Eleanor Binny is one of three sisters who lived at Trethewell Farm. Eleanor, Rosemary and Sylvia.

Alan Plester

Alan lived in St Eval as a young man.

Sylvia Yabsley

Sylvia Yabsley lives in Engollan.

St Eval WI Scrap Book

This scrap book is about places of historic interest within the parish and was made by women of the WI. It was supplied by Audreen Tonkin.

Norman Colwill

Norman farmed Treburrick Farm after Bob Darke and before James Old.

Rosemary Binny

Rosemary is one of three sisters who lived at Trethewell Farm.

Roy Dunstan’s Book

Roy Dunstan was born at Trevisker Farm before the war.

Pat Kent

Pat was born a Rundle of Penrose.

Mary Neale

These images were donated by Mary Neale who works as a photojournalist from Porthcothan. They are related to the wreck of The Samaritan which foundered at Bedruthan. A book of sale of salvaged objects, a piece of cloth, a poem.


Helen Pugh retired with her husband to a house on the cliff at Porthcothan.

Littlefield Family

Les Littlefield farmed Bedruthan Farm. His son Alan Littlefield farmed Tregona. Ian is the third generation to farm in St Eval.

Jean Shapland’s Book

Jean lives at Trevisker farm. Her book is a remarkable document about the history of St Eval Airfield during and after World War II. The archive is grateful for her permission to include it here.

Ann Jenkin Story Of War Time

Ann is a Cornish Bard. Her father was stationed at St Eval during World War II.

Williams Parkyn Mitchell Yabsley

These four families have old connections to St Eval Parish.

T O Darke

Bob Darke farmed Treburrick Farm. He was born in Porthcothan and lived there most of his life. He was chairman of the Parish Council for many years.

Debbie Govan

Debbie's father was Dave Govan who had the garage at Mawgan Porth for many years.

Garland Family

The Garland's lived at Trethewell Mill.

St Eval Airfield

Most of these photographs were contributed by RAF personnel who served at St Eval Airfield either during World War II of after.

St Eval Documents

These are mostly postcards and photographs from other sources.

Trevisker School St. Eval

These are school photos taken over many years. Can you spot anyone you know?

Lyla Darke’s Drawings Of St Eval and St Merryn

Lyla was Bob Darke's mother. She was born in London and married Captain Darke. They moved to Cornwall in 1910. She painted around the two parishes in the 1920s and 30s.

Margaret and Philip Orchard

Margaret Orchard was a Curtis and was born on Treburrick Farm.

Paul Tonkin

Paul Tonkin runs the garage in Treburrick as did his father Reg.

Betty Brewer

Betty was born a Curtis. Her father was Leonard and her mother Evelyn, her brother was Charles. Charles was Margaret Orchard's father. They all lived at Treburrick Farm.

Anne Dicker

These photos show Anne and her husband's conversion of a barn on the family land.

Bert Sandry

Bert Sandry has lived all his life at Trevemedar Farm.

Joyce Froome

Joyce's family built a house for holidays in Porthcothan. Joyce now lives there. Joyce is a writer.

Nigel Chapman

Nigel grew up in Engollan. He sings all over Cornwall with his friends.

Warwick Cowling

Warwick and his family farmed Pentire Farm until the National Trust took it over. He was a great wrecker.

Audrey Darke

Audrey's family built a holiday home in Porthcothan before World War II. She later lived in Porthcothan when she married Bob Darke after his first wife Betty died.

Dennis Brewer

Dennis farmed Trevorgey Farm all his life. He was the first contributor to the archive.